Financial Planning

Events in recent years and the ever-changing landscape in superannuation, personal finances, social security and insurance, means that navigating financial services is getting tougher and requires a thorough adviser to help you cut through the detail to get you the outcome that is in your best interests. Simaco Financial Advice was set up by Stephen Nikolovski with the key goal in mind to help you through any stage of your life and help make any complex issue easy to understand.  Contact us for a free half hour first consultation today to see if we can help.

Key areas we can help you with:

We offer

Planning for life’s big event – retirement and what to do with the money when you retire

Every person you know does the same thing about their super – not much.  We offer a comprehensive review of your super to make sure whatever life stage you are, you are confident that you are in the right place for your best interests.  We will help guide you through what contributions are needed and forward planning to get the right retirement outcome and also help.

Personal risk solutions and estate planning

Everyone knows a relative or friend who had something unfortunate happen to them and put themselves and their family under major financial strain.  To reduce this financial strain, you can consider protecting yourself through income protection, life and other personal insurances. We will do a comprehensive review and plan to make sure you are insured appropriately and in line with any budget constraints you may have, protecting your family.  We can also help you build an estate plan (through preferred relationships with lawyers) to make sure your assets are distributed per your wishes.

Asset, debt management and wealth planning

Have a financial goal in mind that you wish to achieve?  We can help you, whether it be planning for a home purchase, planning for debt repayments or managing your asset pool in the most tax effective way.  We can help you achieve your goals using our effective planning techniques and manage any income stream to obtain the outcome that you are comfortable with. 

Details of our key goals and other services are provided further in our FSG.  The latest of which is located here.

Our Team

Stephen Nikolovski

Stephen Nikolovski is a Chartered Accountant, tax agent, qualified mortgage broker and Financial Adviser.  He holds these qualifications after extensive experience, featuring 8 years in insolvency and restructuring, managing distressed companies before or during formal appointments and assisting in advice on cashflow solutions, 2 years in banking as a business banking manager at a big four bank and now working to provide a full service for his clients across all service lines with the team.  His extensive experience in the building, medical, finance and credit industries allows him to see ahead and consider all options and pit falls, ensuring you make the right and considered decisions every time.