COVID related payments available to individuals

We hope you are managing and staying safe during the current lockdown period.

As a follow up to our previous update on business related COVID Payments available, we provide below (current as at 19 July 2021) the key COVID related payments available to individuals, together with a brief detail on eligibility criteria and how to claim (noting you will need to claim via your Service Australia Account):

COVID-19 Disaster Payment: This is a lump sum taxable weekly payment to help workers unable to earn income due to a COVID-19 lockdown, hotspot or period of restricted movement.

  • Who can get it: You may get this payment if you lost income or work due to COVID-19 and you meet all the eligibility rules. These are the general eligibility rules as well as any rules for the recognised event in NSW that affected you. Recognised events are COVID-19 lockdowns, hotspots or periods of restricted movement that last longer than 7 days. You can only claim for one of these events. If you think you’re eligible for more than one, you need to decide which is best for you.
  • Key eligibility dates: These are the key dates for the recognised events.
  • How much you get: Service Australia pay the COVID-19 Disaster Payment to you depending on where you are, the period you nominate and how much work hours you have lost, summarized as follows (please however review the website for confirmation as circumstances may change):
    • For the two weeks to 14 – 17 July, $325 if you have lost less than 20 hours and $500 if you have lost more than 20 hours in the week (subject to location and other tests per the website).
    • For the weeks from 15 July 2021 or 18 July 2021 (depending on which part of Sydney), $375 if you have lost a day of work or 8-20 hours of work in the week and $600 if you have lost more than 20 hours of work (subject to the location and other tests per the website).
  • How to claim: Complete these steps to claim the COVID-19 Disaster Payment via your Service Australia Account.  Claims are to be made on a weekly basis.
  • Please note: Employers are to note that how they advise their staff to make a claim via the above payment may impact their eligibility for other business related payments.  Please check your situation on a holistic basis before proceeding or contact your Simaco Manager to discuss.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment – New South Wales: Support if you live in New South Wales and can’t earn an income because you must self-isolate or quarantine, or are caring for someone with COVID-19.

  • Who can get it: You need to meet eligibility requirements to get the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment – New South Wales.
  • Who can’t get it: Not everyone who lives in New South Wales can get the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.
  • How to claim: The easiest way to claim is over the phone.

Please review to the links to confirm your eligibility and the up to date requirements and liaise with Service Australia if you have any queries.

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